Social Media Branding

In the digital era, it’s honestly unfair to you or your business to ignore the contribution of Social Media to your marketing efforts.

3 Ways in which A Good Brand can Unlock Growth for Your Business

Let us start off by defining what a brand is. A brand is not just your logo or the creative way in which you write your brand name. A brand is a company’s promise made and fulfilled to its customers. It is not a secret that people relate to brand’s the same way they relate to their fellow human beings. Ever found yourself extremely angry and emotional with your bank?

10 Reasons For Corporate Rebranding

Sooner or later the time comes when brand change is necessary. Recognizing when this is the case may seem difficult. But in the life of a business, there are important markers that indicate when change is needed.

How Early Adopters Impact Brand Success

Among the most coveted groups for brand marketers, we often place brand loyalists, brand advocates or even brand fanatics at the top of our wish lists. But for new brands or products, we earnestly seek early adopters.

Who Are They?

Four Ways to Give Your Customers Value

At their essence, consumers are always looking for value. When they see value, the chances of them making a purchase increase dramatically. Just think back to the last time you made a purchase for a non-essential item: what was going through your head?